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The author arrived in the United States in 2016 with experience running small food businesses in Mexico. However, his first job here was physically demanding and unfulfilling. Seeking a change, he found a job driving a food truck. There, he met a key employee, Chuy, who would become a vital part of his future success.

Despite the hardships of his initial job, it pushed him to find something better. The chance encounter with the food truck owner presented a new opportunity. This experience not only provided a new job, but also brought him closer to realizing his dream of running a successful food business.

These early experiences shaped the author’s journey. The first job highlighted the importance of finding work that aligns with your passion. The food truck role reconnected him with the food industry and led him to connect with a valuable employee. These initial steps paved the way for the creation of “Carnitas El Güero,” a future success story yet to be told.

From Dishwasher to Carnitas King: The Inspiring Journey of Carnitas El Güero

Gustavo reyes

"El Güero".

Gustavo Reyes, the founder of Carnitas El Güero, arrived in the US with a dream of reuniting his family. Facing language barriers and a harsh job market, he took on two demanding jobs – dishwasher and brisket cutter – to make ends meet. With sheer determination, he saved enough to bring his family to Austin, TX.

One day, a pivotal moment arrived. While grabbing coffee, Gustavo noticed a lack of authentic Mexican food options in his predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Inspired by the memory of a conversation with his wife about the potential success of carnitas in the US, a spark ignited. He approached the convenience store owner, Sohil, about renting their kitchen. Despite lacking the initial capital, a fortuitous deal was struck: 20% of sales in exchange for kitchen use.

The journey wasn’t easy. Initial sales were slow, and there were moments of doubt. But Gustavo’s unwavering spirit and commitment to his family kept him going. With relentless effort, Carnitas El Güero persevered and eventually thrived. Today, the company boasts six restaurants, with a seventh planned for Mexico City, Gustavo’s hometown.

Gustavo’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of dreams. It’s a reminder that success can be achieved even without initial resources, as long as you have the determination and a passion for what you do.