Carnitas el Güero

The original and traditional
CARNITAS michoacanas.


5717 S I-35 Frontage Rd BUILDING D, Austin, TX 78744

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Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM 
Sunday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 
It's Saturday 7:26 AMOpening in 34 minutes

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With the original taste of "El Güero"


Carnitas is the name given to the final product of pork fried in its own lard in a copper pan, a formula that, seasoned with different herbs, water and sal.

Mushroom Quesadilla

The quesadilla is a typical Mexican dish prepared with a wheat or corn tortilla folded in half and filled with melted cheese.

Chicharrón Gorditas

Chicharrón gorditas is a classic Mexican snack, also known as garnachas. This delicacy is made with corn dough stuffed with different ingredients and accompanied with onion, cilantro and salsa.


Doraditas are tortillas filled with carnitas moronitas and slow fried. The best quality only with "El Güero"

See why “Carnitas el Güero” is the best carnitas in all of Austin.

Happy Customers

Sari Valdes
Sari Valdes
The best Carnitas in Austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John H
John H
I just stopped by this place because we needed a quick bite. Got the Duo Combo for me and the wife. The food and the service are both incredible. In and out very fast with fresh food. The guy operating it was extremely friendly. I’ll be going back regularly.
erik tavares
erik tavares
Pésimo servicio 😡 cancelan ordenes ya pagadas
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores
Excelente comida y servicio en la cd. de Austin Tx. Y me atrevo a decir, que esto es en cualquier sucursal.
David Serrano
David Serrano
These carnitas are great bc they are take out. You bring them home and heat them up however you best like, make sure you have cash though, they only take cash and you don't want to use the ATM in the convenience store because they charge you an arm and a leg to take out money ($7.5) They also make aguas frescas on the stop and they are sooo good
Matt Young
Matt Young
Easily the best carnitas in Austin
J Hernandez
J Hernandez
We saw the CARNITAS sign leaving Austin, and had to stop in!!! Super tasty carnitas! Hubby ordered the 'orden personal' and I ordered the 'tacote'. Next time we'll just order the 'orden personal' which was ample meat for 2 people making tacos. The 'orden personal' looks to make at least 4-5 tacos. Meat was delish and well-seasoned. Each of our orders came with 1 doradita, a deep-fried empanada filled with pork carnitas. Since it was deep-fried, it was hard and tough to bite into. Was afraid it might break a tooth! HAH! Also served was green tomatillo and red salsa, cilantro, and spicy, vinegar onions. Restaurant was very clean, as well as the bathrooms. Very reasonably priced menu items. Service was delivered with a smile--we will definitely return.
Gabriel Sarabia
Gabriel Sarabia
Probably best carnitas I’ve had in a long long time. The tortillas , the salsa, the spicy onions. Everything is fire. It’s cash only and it’s a great value! The service was great as well. Got samples of the meats and was walked through all the options. Love love love!